Oak Wood Floors For Children’s Rooms

A growing number of folks are choosing bamboo flooring to their homes, but many parents still ask,”is walnut flooring appropriate for children’s rooms?” . Often concerned about the hardness of the surface and openings, which might seem thanks to natural expansion and contraction, parents wonder the suitability of oak flooring as an option for their children’s rooms.

There is no doubt that a fantastic quality oak floor is ideally suited to a child’s bedroom or playroom. In fact, in many ways oak flooring is perfectly suited to children’s rooms. Easy to wash and especially suited to anyone suffering from dust allergies, oak flooring in children’s rooms is a great alternative.

Many parents worry about little fingers and toes getting stuck at the gaps which naturally happen in solid bamboo floor due to the normal growth and contraction. This risk can be minimised by using engineered oak flooring which is not as vulnerable to contraction and expansion.

There are just two elements of oak flooring which will need to be acknowledged when it comes to its own use in children’s rooms. The first is that the surface, by its nature, is harder than carpeting. Because of this, if you have a rather small child or a baby, then you may choose to incorporate some softness around the ground. Play mats or rugs are perfect solutions and the perfect location for you and your child to share a moment together. Do remember, however, if you present a rug or a play mat to an oak floor in your child’s room, to put a good quality, non-slip mat beneath. Carpets and mats with no effective non-slip underlays could be deadly on wooden flooring, no matter which area of the home you’re in, but especially in a kid’s room.

The next consideration when fitting oak flooring in a kid’s bedroom is to be sure that you incorporate a solid, robust finish into your job. Kids, although small, can be somewhat unforgiving when it comes to play. The rough and tumble of a bamboo floor in a kids’ room has to be expected and calls for a tough finish. You want to be certain that the flooring is set up and completed well to hold out against the spills and bashes and therefore it will encounter during your child’s day-to-day activities.

On the topic of finish, it’s also worth seeking out a very low volatile organic chemical (VOC) option to avoid any risk to your child’s wellbeing. There are many different child friendly oak floor finishes on the market, so if you’re in any doubt, seek the help of your floor supplier.

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